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Spass mit Cyanogenmod

  • Device:

Galaxy S4 Mini (int), GT-I9195

  • Special boot modes:
  1. Recovery: Vol Up & Home & Power
  2. Download: Vol Down & Home & Power

Installing Cyanogenmod

  1. Install Heimdall
  2. Download recovery image
  3. Power off the Galaxy S4 Mini (International LTE) and connect the USB adapter to the computer but not to the Galaxy S4 Mini (International LTE), yet
  4. Boot the Galaxy S4 Mini (International LTE) into download mode. Vol Down & Home & Power Accept the disclaimer on the device. Then, insert the USB cable into the device.
  5. On the computer, open a terminal (or Command Prompt on Windows) in the directory where the recovery image is located and type:

heimdall flash –RECOVERY recovery.img –no-reboot

Tip: The file may not be named identically to what's in this command. If the file is wrapped in a zip or tar file, extract the file first, because heimdall isn't going to do it for you.