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nice 2 read (science and other foo):

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Warp-speed capitalism

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The Women Who Took on the Mafia

Collective hallucinations and inefficient markets: The British Railway Mania of the 1840s

A hidden world 30m below Budapest

Automakers: Don't Ask Customers What They Want

Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims, lawyer says

We seem to be getting stupider and population ageing may be why

I never signed up for this! Privacy implications of email tracking

How Governments Are Deploying Disinformation as Part of Broader Digital Harassment Campaigns

Violent crime is like infectious disease – and we know how to stop it spreading


List of Run Commands in Windows 7 and 8


Ask HN: What are the best resources for learning security and pen testing?

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Binary SMS - The old backdoor to your new thing

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Let’s talk about usernames

Want to use my wifi?

IP addresses & routing (linux)